Casper Ter Kuile is co-author (along with Angie Thurston) of the How We Gather report and its sequel, Something More, which map a landscape of life-giving organizations that are emerging even as religious affiliation declines, such as Crossfit and The Dinner Party.

Casper is training to be a minister for non-religious people to build a world of joyful belonging. He is a graduate of Harvard Divinity and Kennedy Schools, the co-host of the hugely popular Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, named of one of iTunes best podcasts in 2016, and a fellow and contributor with Krista Tippet's On Being.

In this episode of the RePlacing Church Podcast, he joins me to discuss:

  • How the religiously unaffiliated are finding and forming spiritual community
  • What new expressions of spiritual community are emerging
  • How accountability is making a comeback
  • Why covenants are important in community and how to craft them
  • How to engage Harry Potter like a sacred text and why that's connecting with so many people.

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Episode Song Credits: “Another Wrong to Right” and “You Won't Walk Alone” by Mercir. “Closed” by Zadok Wartes. Used with Permission.

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