IMG_1845In this episode, I discuss the third of the Five Signs of the Parish Movement, “Gathering to Remember,” by examining why parish expressions are ambivalent about Gathering, listening to what the book of Hebrews teaches us about why we gather, and exploring the three main questions neighborhood church expressions are asking about Gathering.

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Series Summary: Parish church expressions are emerging in neighborhoods everywhere. Whatever they are called – neighborhood church plants, missional communities, neomonastic communities, faith-based social enterprises – these diverse expressions seem to exhibit five common signs as they join God’s renewal in their particular places. In this five part series, I explore the Five Signs of the Parish Movement:

Gathering to Remember: Trusting that God is at work, we draw together in worship to remember the larger story of our faith, rehearse the kind of people God desires us to be in the parish, and encourage one another in love and discernment. We have discovered that the more active we are in joining God’s renewal in our neighborhoods, the more crucial it is for us to gather back together to grow in our faith, strengthen one another and remember that we are a part of the massive story of God.

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