Dr. Tina Schermer Sellers is the author of the book, Sex, God & the Conservative Church – Erasing Shame from Sexual Intimacy. She promotes a “sex-positive Gospel” in her work as a licensed marriage and family therapist, Associate Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy and Director of Medical Family Therapy at Seattle Pacific University, and blogger and speaker. She is the founder of the Thank God For Sex Project, an online community for people who have experienced religious sexual shame, and the Northwest Institute on Intimacy, which trains psychotherapists in sex and spiritual intimacy therapy. In this episode of the RePlacing Church Podcast, she joins me to discuss:

  • Recent headlines and the viral #MeToo hashtag
  • The importance of consent and the danger of silence and shame culture
  • How the Church can lead the way in listening to the voices of the abused and marginalized
  • Sexual values within the Biblical and Jewish tradition
  • How Christian community can cultivate healthy sexual relationships

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Episode Song Credits: “Another Wrong to Right” and “You Won't Walk Alone” by Mercir. “Closed” by Zadok Wartes. Used with Permission. Production Assistance by Nate Tubbs.