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Imagining new expressions of church

Becoming church in the neighborhood

Ben Katt
Ben Katt
Creator/Host of RePlacing Church
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RePlacing Church exists to support Christians who believe the kind of church Jesus had in mind is still possible. Through training, coaching, writing, and especially a podcast, I help people imagine, create, and lead new expressions of church that seek to follow Jesus in the neighborhood, foster wholehearted community, and pursue social change locally and globally.


In each episode, I explore local spirituality, innovative community, and social change through interviews, stories, and ideas. Popular topics include: justice, leadership, church planting, parish, and many more.



  • Replacing Church Podcast Ched Myers

#64 Ched Myers on Watershed Discipleship

April 20th, 2017|0 Comments

Ched Myers is an activist theologian, biblical scholar, popular educator, organizer and advocate who has spent the past 40 years working in movements for social change, and empowering Christians in the life and work of […]

  • Replacing Church - Phil Nellis

#62 Phil Nellis on Sabbath, Sabbatical and Church Endings

April 4th, 2017|0 Comments

Phil Nellis is an artist, spiritiual director, and the former pastor of Wits' End Church, a faith community in Seattle, WA that recently ended. In this episode of the RePlacing Church Podcast, he joins me to talk about:


  • Replacing Church Podcast Genius Loci

#61 & #63 The Genius Loci, Parts 1 & 2

March 28th, 2017|0 Comments

We often use the word “genius” to describe people, but in Roman culture “genius” described places.

  • In part 1, I introduce the concept of the Genius Loci and talk about why it matters […]

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No one needs to be convinced that both the Church and the broader culture is undergoing massive change. If you are interested in the growing movement of people joining God at work in your everyday life, in your neighborhoods, amongst a team of friends, this is the podcast for you. Ben is a wise guide, I’m thrilled he’s offering this wisdom in a podcast.

Michael Frost, Missiologist, Speaker & Author of The Shaping of Things to Come, The Road to Missional, and Incarnate


Five Vital Practices for the Church of the Future

August 8th, 2016|0 Comments

What sci-fi films can teach us about where to look for the church A few years ago at a big church growth conference, missiologist and author, Alan Hirsch, posed the question: “How come churches never feature [...]

What Walking 30 Neighborhoods Taught Me About Being the Church

July 25th, 2016|0 Comments

A Sunday afternoon stroll through Clear Lake, Iowa with the Coleman family.All good things must come to an end… My family’s #NeighborhoodsForDays Odyssey (which I announced in late June) — learning from 30 neighborhoods in 30 days — ended yesterday [...]

Neighborhoods for Days Update — Halfway, but just getting started!

July 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Hey Friends, Our #neighborhoodsfordays odyssey is halfway complete (scroll down for the original announcement), but it feels like we’re just getting started. That’s because many of the stories I’ve shared over the past 15 days [...]

Blog Archive


I’ve been helping people join God’s renewal in their neighborhoods for over a decade, as a church planter and pastor of Awake Church, founding executive director of the Aurora Commons, co-founder of the Parish Collective and Inhabit Conference, and coach and consultant with Thresholds. Let me know how I can support you on your journey!


I am a storyteller who loves talking about Jesus and supporting pastors, church planters, and spiritual leaders.

I am a storyteller at heart, and I love exploring themes like awakening, soul, change, culture, creativity, vision, vocation, justice, leadership, and reconciliation.

I love talking about Jesus the Christ, and all the stories about his life and death and life again, and Jesus the New Human, the radical nature of the church, the kingdom of God, the movement of the Spirit, and the renewal of all things.

I love supporting and encouraging pastors, church planters, and spiritual leaders. As an experienced church planter and pastor, I have a lot to offer regarding planting, neighborhood/parish church expressions, wholehearted community, healthy leadership, and missional practice.

If your church, organization, or group is interested in having me speak, please contact me.


I facilitate training cohorts for those who have launched or would like to launch a neighborhood church expression.

I facilitate learning cohorts with Thresholds. The Thresholds Cohort is a 6-12 month collaborative journey created specifically to provide insight, direction and encouragement for those seeking to inhabit and create community in the places they live. Each of this cohort’s four 2.5 day intensives engage the concepts and practices that are critical in birthing and stewarding an embedded community of faith and reconciliation. We engage these topics academically, conversationally, and experientially in the context of homes and neighborhoods.

Contact me if you are interested in participating in a cohort or hosting one in your community.


I empower changemaking leaders through in-person and online coaching.

I offer one-on-one online coaching sessions and in-person sessions if you are in the Seattle area. If you are hoping to discover deeper aspects of your identity, grow as a leader, gain clarity about your calling, or looking for support as you lead a neighborhood church expression or spiritual community, my one-on-one coaching will empower you with greater self-knowledge, practical tools, and direction as you encounter the possibilities and obstacles that come with the terrain!

My coaching is informed by ten years of experience as a pastor in which my primary passion was to empower and coach people from various backgrounds in the areas of life, leadership, and vocation.

Contact me if you are interested in coaching.

Let me know how I can support you on your journey of replacing church!

Contact Me

Ben has a truly unique gift of standing in the gap, believing in people, mobilizing, encouraging, and catalyzing a delicate hope into bold and audacious action that changes lives, churches, neighborhoods, and cities.

Ben has a unique ability to identify people’s gifts and coax them out. He helped me not only to see my unique abilities and strengths, but to believe in and trust them. He has a great sense of humor, is genuine and smart, and has great intuition. Anyone who works with Ben will benefit greatly.

It’s no secret the church world is struggling to remain vibrant and meaningful as committed believers leave in droves. I’ve had the privilege of joining Ben on his adventure in Seattle the past 7 years, and among the scores of men and women I’ve enjoyed working with in the ecclesial world, he is one of the most talented we’ll see. Those aspiring to accomplish what he has will benefit greatly from his wisdom and insight.

Ron Carucci, Cofounder & Managing Partner, Navalent Consulting & Author, Rising to Power

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